Bullet-resistant walls

During the course of my day, I tend to do a fair amount of googling.  After all, I was told that Google is my friend.  Reviewing a quote for a SaaS product our team is implementing, I came across the following line item:

  • Bullet-resistant walls. [SaaS] servers are guarded safely inside bullet-resistant walls.

The 12 year old in me thinks is the cool as shit, so of course I need to look into it.  I don’t google what bullet-resistant walls are made of.  Instead, I wonder what the standard is that manufacturers need to follow in making something bullet-resistant.

That lead me to the ISO page.   Unfortunately, if I want to learn more about the spec, I need to buy it from a few sites.  So for now, my curiosity has been abated.

I’ll have to be content in knowing there is a spec for bullet-resistant walls in the event I plan to build my fortress in the sky.